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How Back up Plus Works

Our expert technical team take extra care to keep our services simple and customer-friendly.

We meet with you and talk to you about your requirements to come up

with a customised plan that meets the demands of your business.

So, what are the features you can enjoy at Back Up Plus and how does the system work?

Incremental backups

With Back up Plus, you get incremental backups. We backup data as and when it changes or is upgraded so that the latest version is stored and protected.

The advantage of this is that it preserves data transfer and accelerates backups. This is a great way of keeping up the efficiency of the backup process without compromising on the speed and quality of backup and data transfer.

Point-in-time restoration

Do you wish to undo the mistakes that you made while updating your files?

With the point-in-time restoration feature available with back up plus, you can easily fix such errors.

When you use this feature, you can restore the settings to a time when the file did not have errors. In other words, you can undo the latest changes and restore a file as it was a few backups ago.


Continuous data backup

Back Up Plus ensures that your data is always protected.

Your data is continuously backed up so that any change you make is immediately saved. If you want to undo the changes, you can always use the point-in-time restoration facility available at Back up Plus.

Simultaneous display of multiple versions

Do you wish to compare different versions of the same file and compare

the differences? If you feel that such a comparative analysis helps you make the right decision, you can apply this very useful feature. With this feature, you can restore multiple versions of a file in the same tile and analyse the differences more effectively before choosing the most suitable version for backup.



Our backup system keeps you updated regularly about the status of your data and the systems. You get regular offline and system logout reminders. You also receive notifications of missed backups, if any. With such real time response system and features available, you can be assured

of complete protection of data.


Data Integrity

Our dedicated and motivated technical team leaves nothing to chance. Besides having a robust system in place for auto backup, we also make periodic checks to ensure that you data is being backed up and restored effectively.

We are committed to offering the best services, along with prompt customer service to address your questions and issues immediately. With multiple features that ensure comprehensive and wholesome protection of data,

we ensure complete satisfaction for you.

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